Podcast FAQ

  1. What is a podcast? A podcast (or “personal on-demand broadcast”) is a serialized media show (audio or video) that is syndicated using existing XML Web syndication (RSS or Atom with “media enclosures”). More generally, the term is used to refer to what could be more accurately described as “Internet radio,” where the media can be syndicated, streamed or downloaded.
  2. Do I need an Apple product (iPhone or iPod) to listen to the podcast? No; audio may be downloaded, streamed on this site, or syndicated to your personal devices (podcast), such as smart phones, personal organizers or audio players by subscribing your “podcatcher” software (like iTunes, Zune, or Winamp) to our feed.
  3. How can I listen to the PPS Equity podcast? The easiest way to listen is with the  audio player that is embedded in each podcast episode on the PPS Equity Web site. Just click the triangular button on the left-hand side of the player and the show will play momentarily. If you are using an older computer or a Web browser without Adobe Flash installed, you may not see the built-in audio player. If this is the case, you can click the “Download audio” link to download an mp3 audio file to your computer, and listen to it with an audio player of your choice or copy it to a connected personal mp3 player or phone. Finally, you can subscribe “podcatcher” software, like iTunes, to our podcast feed, and new episodes will be automatically downloaded as they become available. Then, when you synchronize your smart phone or personal audio player, the latest episode will be available.
  4. What’s this audio player you speak of? I don’t see it. The audio player is a Flash application. You must have a Adobe Flash installed in your Web browser to see and use the embedded player. If you have Flash installed, but you still can’t see the player, you might try upgrading Flash to a more modern version. (The player does not display with versions earlier than 7.)
  5. How do I subscribe to the podcast using iTunes? The podcast is available (for free) in the iTunes store, where you can subscribe with a single click. Or you can subscribe manually. On the “Advanced” menu, select “Subscribe to Podcast”. Type (or copy and paste) the following URL (without quotes): “http://ppsequity.org/category/podcast/feed/”.
  6. Are there any other local news podcasts in Portland? None that we’re aware of, other than OPB’s Think Out Loud (feed).