STARBASE reauthorized on a 4-3 vote

8:43 pm

The Portland Public Schools board of education voted 4-3 tonight to approve another year of STARBASE, the Department of Defense’s elementary school recruiting program.

Principled “no” votes were cast by co-chair Ruth Adkins, Martin Gonzalez and Dilafruz Williams. David Wynde, Bobbie Regan, Pam Knowles and co-chair Trudy Sargent carried the resolution.

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Steve Rawley published PPS Equity from 2008 to 2010, when he moved his family out of the district.

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10 Responses

  1. Comment from Steve Buel:

    Things are looking up. Three votes for principles. The cauldron is bearing fruit.

  2. Comment from Wacky Mommy:

    Buel, that cauldron is just smokin’ there’s no fruit. here’s my trip: i’m for peace in practice, not just in theory. also, i got called a “communist” because i led off my speech with “All power to the people” and flashed the peace sign.

    seriously, what is this country coming to?

  3. Comment from Steve Buel:

    Darn. We have a socialist president and now commies in the schools.

    Actually, I was referring to the cauldron of the high school design process and it encouraging some people on the board to think more. So, maybe better thought went into the Starbase stuff than might have been expected.

    Plus, here is more. Both Dilafruz and Gonzalez made terrific speeches at the board meeting. Dilafruz’s was the best I have heard in the past 25 years on the board. She talked about the failure of the school district in its dealings with the public and its failure to focus on all the children, particularly not focussing on the classroom. Really good stuff.

  4. Comment from Carrie Adams:

    Steve Buel, you’re a teacher. What science concept do you think is being taught in the pic of the children and the tank?;Itemid=68

  5. Comment from Steve Buel:

    Carrie, the same one they were teaching when the substitute teacher guy said the kids went out and took a look at the fighter jet.

  6. Comment from Steve Buel:

    Geez, Carrie, I looked at the photos (click on the right side of the photo to see the next one) and they are all with kids looking at military hardware. A tank, sitting in the fighter jet, checking out the helicoptor … and the people look pretty military to me. All that is missing was the recruitment office.

  7. Comment from Carrie Adams:

    Steve Buel…the science…what about the science?

  8. Comment from Paul:

    The children of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine also get a close up look at this vehicles -just before they are run over by them. I wonder if the pilots explain to the kids how they can miss kids their age when they bomb or strafe civilians.

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  10. Comment from Paul:

    And if you believe that we should have money for education, jobs and healthcare instead of war and occupation then get out to the anti war rally and march this
    saturday, March 20. There is a student led feeder march from Portland State University at 11:00am going to the Rally at(where the main rally starts) Terry Schrunk Plaza at Noon, then marching to 1st Unitarian Church SW main/12th at 12:30 for a teach-in 1:00-3:30pm
    It is organized by Peace and Justice Works and co-sponsered by some 20 other local groups.
    For more info