School board meeting open thread

9:16 pm

Who’s watching? Who’s there? What’s going on?

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Steve Rawley published PPS Equity from 2008 to 2010, when he moved his family out of the district.

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6 Responses

  1. Comment from Carrie Adams:

    I got frustrated earlier in the meeting when Ruth asked questions and Trudy shot her down so I’m only half watching on TV now.

    The board hasn’t been provided with the data necessary to determine whether or not the proposed plan is even possible.

  2. Comment from JD:


    You should turn it on now. Ruth is asking the questions that need to be asked. I haven’t seen her so inquisitive all year. Trudy is defensive and not interested in discussing anything. Even Wynde is asking pertinent questions. Why doesn’t Gonzalez participate? Knowles seems minimally informed.

  3. Comment from Rita:

    I’ve been watching and it’s the best actual discussion I’ve ever seen in a Board meeting. That’s not exactly a high bar, but I’ve been pleased to see some real questioning by both Ruth and David. Trudy is responding with a knee-jerk defense of whatever is written and trying to shut down any attempt to question the resolution or the current state of planning.

  4. Comment from Rita:

    By the way, there’s another community meeting on the high school redesign this Thursday at 7pm at Vestal on NE 82nd/Glisan.

  5. Comment from Carrie Adams:

    JD and Rita,

    I agree with you. The discussion finally picked up. Good for Ruth for continuing to ask questions despite Trudy’s responses.

    I would expect people who are so sure of their own position (PPS has to close schools) to be open to questions from the other side.

  6. Comment from Zarwen:

    Makes me wonder just what stake Trudy has in the outcome. Aren’t she and her husband property developers or something like that?