New Madison principal announced

9:30 pm

Carla Randall has been hired as principal at Madison High School. She was principal at Wilson from 2002 to 2005, and also served as vice principal at Jefferson and Cleveland.

More recently, Randall was director of curriculum for the Tigard-Tuallatin School District.

In a letter to Madison families, deputy superintendent Mark Davalos mentioned in passing the lengthy controversy that preceded her hiring.

The flap began with the involuntary transfer of outspoken counselor David Colton in spring of 2008, a student walk-out to protest that transfer, a teacher vote of no confidence in previous principal Pat Thompson, Thompson’s departure this spring, the appointment of Deborah Peterson as principal with no staff or community input, and Peterson’s withdrawal in the storm of protest over her appointment.

“The path to reach this point has been longer and bumpier than it should have been,” wrote Davalos. He described a hiring process that included a survey and an interview panel of three teachers, a secretary and a student.

Sources at Madison, speaking on the condition of anonymity, were hopeful about Randall as a leader, but noted that the staff and student panel was not presented with other candidates to consider.

Colton declined to comment for this story.

Randall begins work at Madison this Wednesday.

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Steve Rawley published PPS Equity from 2008 to 2010, when he moved his family out of the district.

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One Response

  1. Comment from Miss Merry Sunshine:

    Having heard positive things about Carla Randall, I think she is a brave, plucky, gutsy woman to take on the challenges, the HORNET’S NEST, simmering at Madison. She will have her work cut out for her, and hopefully can put a stop to the divisive backstabbing/complaint filing among staff and administration that does NOTHING POSITIVE for students. It is such a relief to have new leadership at the top that gives hope for a new start to a demoralized staff. MADISON SHALL RISE AGAIN! By the way, I’m on the staff, but one must use a pseudonym, or be “hung out to dry” for expressing an opinion. (Mustn’t question, must NEVER disagree with the status quo!) WELCOME ABOARD, CARLA, we need you!!!!