Equity top priority for new PAT chief

12:52 am

In an interview with The Oregonian‘s Kim Melton, incoming Portland Association of Teachers president Rebecca Levison puts equity at the top of the list of teacher concerns.

“We need equity across the entire district,” said Levson. “It should be part of what we do.”

When the word “equity” is thrown around by district leaders, too often it’s no more than a buzzword. But most teachers, especially those who, like Levision, have taught in North Portland, get what it really means.

Levison also talks about teacher workload, top-down decision making, and getting “teachers at the table at every level of decision-making.”

Here’s wishing her luck in all these very well-placed priorities.

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Steve Rawley published PPS Equity from 2008 to 2010, when he moved his family out of the district.

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3 Responses

  1. Comment from Whitebuffalo:

    Let’s just hope she means equity for the students not just the teachers. Sometimes the PAT is all about the teachers not the kids.

  2. Comment from Terry:

    I too was impressed with Rebecca Levison’s priorities. I’m surprised she won a contested election against the incumbent, Jeff Miller. Miller must have rubbed some teachers the wrong way.

    It’s been my experience, Whitebuffalo, that all teachers (almost all of them anyway) have the best interests of students in mind when they enter the classroom. I have to believe that Levison in one of those teachers.

  3. Comment from Whitebuffalo:

    Levison won in a walk (or so I understand). Your instincts are right on as to the reason why.