In the news: Duin on Madison, Roosevelt principal kerfuffle

7:33 am

Steve Duin hits the nail on the head in his Oregonian column this morning:

The adhesive power of trust is invaluable for public schools, especially in communities in which adults too often vanish before completing the job they started. Therein is the irritation, and the irony, regarding Deborah Peterson’s forced march ‘cross town, from Roosevelt to Madison High School.

We’ve heard a great deal from the Madison community here; it’s interesting to read Duin’s take on the Roosevelt community, as well as some damning words for the small schools model Portland Public Schools continues to force upon Roosevelt, despite its high cost and lack of funding:

The Gates Foundation has quit funding the initiative. It’s a lousy drawing card for kids in the neighborhood, 560 of whom leave to attend other high schools. Even Madison is kicking the concept to the curb, reverting to a comprehensive school.

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Steve Rawley published PPS Equity from 2008 to 2010, when he moved his family out of the district.

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One Response

  1. Comment from Reed Sullivan:

    Deborah Peterson will not be missed by the students or staff at Roosevelt. She does not connect with many kids here–that’s fine, because she spends much of her time increasing Roosevelt’s visibility in the community and in PPS. She has been a great cheerleader for RHS. But she has also micromanaged staff and run off several capable young administrators. It is time for her to leave Roosevelt. The small schools are making impressive gains in many areas. It’s working.