Video of PAT rally and Rebecca Levison’s remarks to the board

1:07 pm

Approximately 400 people gathered before the school board meeting last night to demand a new contract that doesn’t balance the budget on the backs of teachers.

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Steve Rawley published PPS Equity from 2008 to 2010, when he moved his family out of the district.

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4 Responses

  1. Comment from Miss Merry Sunshine:

    Well spoken, Rebecca! Here we are, back to the days when most teachers worked another job just to get by—going backwards financially, yet working harder, longer and with less resources. How can the board justify raises such as $13k, $16k to those not directly involved with the classroom and kids? Sickening, disgusting. Working 10 days for free, freezes, wage and benefit cuts, etc-it goes on and on, and on……we give the most, and get more and more taken, year after year. When does it stop? Does the board have any guts to say no to raises at the top and give those at the bottom some crumbs?? Ahhhh…back to the 60’s and 70’s again we slide…..

  2. Comment from doug:

    Thanks for speaking for the teachers! They are constantly asked to do more with less…more, more, more…that is the new motto and especially at the k-8’s…No time for planning, no resources, no room…but give….give…give…more …more..more…and for what..? Teachers have to be asking themselves…WHAT AM I GETTING OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP?

  3. Comment from ohme:

    Thank you for posting this. Wage freezes for the people working with children, raises for those who don’t. Then upper management decides that we are not working hard enough, and for those teachers who students get music or PE or library, teachers no longer get time to plan. Or make a copy. Or call a parent. Or even pee. Now we are to use that time for “Professional Learning Communities” so the “public” won’t think we are wasting time…this is true! I have been teaching for 10 years and have never had less time to plan, organize, or just think about my students. But the district is used to us working a 50 hour week and only get paid for 35. That must be why they want to increase our work day, but actually pay us less than we made 3 years ago…
    Just keep giving out those 15k raises at the BESC and make us do more for less. I can see how this is a “shared sacrifice”…can’t you?

  4. Comment from S. Wilcox:

    All of the comments are right on the mark. Teachers have less planning time, and in K-8s, I can say I actually need more time to plan for 5 subjects. Rebecca hit it on the nose. Who is listening?